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There is no formal requirement as to where a Will should be stored but obviously you should keep it in a safe place, such as a bank or with a reputable storage company, as long as it is accessible. If you do store it in a Bank remember you will need to allow others access to your Will, so you will have to ensure your chosen bank has written authority to release the Will to your executors.

Without prior consent to your executors will not be able to open that box at the bank without first obtaining a court order.

Having taken the important step of writing your Will you may be wondering “where shall I keep it?”

Professional Will Writers offers all it’s clients a secure, fire proof storage facilities.

As a legal document it is important that you keep it safe and accessible for you and your, Executors.

Our Will storage facilities are compliant with B.S.5454 for the storage of all important documents. Our storage facility can also be used for other important documents such as life policies, share certificate etc. Benefits of our service • Secure location. • Electronic back-up. • Regular reviews and updates. • Peace of mind

Remember you Will be invalid if it has been damaged and or defaced so you require a good storage facility.